World Development Information Day

24 of October is being marked annually as the World day of Development Information Day by the United Nations. This day is observed to create awareness towards the problems surrounding development in different nations and how to overcome them. The day is marked on the same day as United Nations Day, which was formed on October 24, 1945.

World Development Information Day: Theme
Last year, in 2021, the theme of World Development Information Day was “Action for Sustainable Development Goals”, and a year before, in 2020, it was “Information and Communication Technology – New Solutions to Development Challenges.”

Information and communication technology, in the opinion of the General Assembly, are essential for addressing development issues. This is particularly valid in the face of globalization.

New approaches to development problems have the ability to promote economic expansion, broaden knowledge and information access, improve social inclusion, and eradicate poverty.

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World Development Information Day
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