We honour the International Day of the Seafarers

LiberoAssurance celebrates Seafarers day with a 15% Discount on all Marine e-courses

With respect to this International Day dedicated to seafarers, LiberoAssurance offers a special discount on all Marine e-courses and certification designed for any seafarer across the world wishing to improve and demonstrate their knowledge and any shipping company aiming to manage its risks and resilience more effectively. This year aside from our accredited courses we offer seaman’s book for marine technicians.

25 th of June is designated as “Day of the Seafarer” by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and this year’s campaign is for the Fair Future of Seafarers. The Day of the Seafarer was first held in 2010 following the publication of a revised set of international laws (MLC) which were agreed to ensure that all seafarers receive the same levels of training, general welfare and safety standards. In 2021 this day aims to encourage governments to support seafarers not only amid the pandemic but also highlight a fair future for all seafarers.

The seaman’s role is sometimes underrated within the industry but we need to state the facts and point out that over 90% of the world’s goods trade is done by sea and Seafarer’s dedication and professionalism keep most of the commercial transport safe, providing vital goods such as food, fuel and medical supplies. Especially during the global pandemic seafarers were in the frontline fighting this war; crew was unable to sign off the ships for months due to travel restrictions which also resulted in serious problems with repatriation, crew changes and even urgent medical assistance, leading to greater levels of anxiety and psychosocial distress amongst seamen. Another issue that is current, is that training requirements are on the rise due to the introduction of new technologies and artificial intelligence on ships, and keeping up can be a challenge even for the most competent seamen.

Seafarers deserve respect, support and safe working conditions.

On 25/06/2021 , Seafarers will be invited to answer questions on what a fair future for seafarers looks like. The answers will be shared afterwards and will provide a soundboard to help guide our actions moving forward.

The hashtag for this day is #FairFuture4Seafarers.

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We honour the International Day of the Seafarers
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