New Marine e-Course

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LiberoAssurance Continuous Professional Development Accredited Training Center has developed the “ISM Implementer ” e-course. This course has been designed by ISM experts to meet with the criteria of the IMO Guidelines contained in Latest ISM code edition. ISM Implementer has also been developed with more practical knowledge for operational and legal issues that surround the roles and responsibilities of the DPA and company/vessel personnel in order for the trainee to be able to implement ISM Code properly within a shipping company.

Briefly, this course provides knowledge, understanding and proficiency necessary to understand ISM code, to provide training for ISM Implementers so that they can implement properly ISM Code.

The aims of this course are to: Our marine seminars are published on one of the most advanced E-learning platforms and have been prepared by expert marine professionals.

Participate in the new LiberoAssurance e-course and expand your knowledge through our eLearning Platform.

New Marine e-Course
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