New Marine e-Course! Crisis Management

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LiberoAssurance Continuous Professional Development Accredited Training Center has developed the “Crisis Management” e-course. Crisis management is a situation-based management system that includes clear roles, responsibilities and process related to organizational requirements company-wide.

The goal of crisis management is to have a system in place to effectively address the coordinated response, resources, and internal & external communication requirements during and after the negative situation.

The techniques of crisis management include a number of consequent steps from the understanding of the influence of the crisis on the corporation to preventing, alleviating, and overcoming the different types of crisis.

Crisis management consists of different aspects including:

  • Methods used to respond to both the reality and perception of crisis.
  • Establishing metrics to define what scenarios constitute a crisis and should consequently trigger the necessary response mechanisms.
  • Communication that occurs within the response phase of emergency-management scenario

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Participate in the new LiberoAssurance e-course and expand your knowledge through our eLearning Platform.

New Marine e-Course! Crisis Management
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