New guidance for the effective use of safety signs just published

The newly published ISO/TS 20559, Graphical symbols — Safety colors and safety signs — Guidance for the development and use of a safety signing system is aimed at assisting organizations to establish a common understanding of the Safety colors and safety signs  .

It contains recommendations and explanations on the practical application of safety signs to form a system of communication that is intended to reduce risk.

The guidance serves to complement the main internationally-agreed standards for safety signs:

  • The ISO 3864 series that covers design principles;
  • ISO 7010, Graphical symbols — Safety colors and safety signs — Registered safety signs;
  • ISO 16069, Graphical symbols — Safety signs — Safety way guidance systems (SWGS);
  • ISO 23601, Safety identification — Escape and evacuation plan signs; and
  • ISO 17398, Safety colors and safety signs — Classification, performance and durability of safety signs.

LiberoAssurance being an Accredited Certification Body can provide certification of your ISO 45001 management systems as the present update fully also complements ISO 45001, Occupational health and safety management systems — Requirements with guidance for use.

New guidance for the effective use of safety signs just published
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