Measuring Moisture in Spices and Condiments

The standard for measuring moisture in spices and condiments has just been updated.

Tangy or hot, zesty or zingy, whatever way you season it, a lot of work goes into ensuring spices and condiments have all the pep they need before they can be placed on the supermarket shelves. An essential element is the moisture content as it influences everything from the taste and texture to how long they are fit for use.

ISO 939, Spices and condiments – Determination of moisture content, is the international reference for measuring how much moisture is in your mustard (and other seasonings), and it has just been updated to ensure it has all the piquancy required in order to remain relevant.

The standard details the principles, reagents, apparatus and procedure for measuring moisture content using an entertainment method. The recent updates include clarifications of terminology and other improvements.

LiberoAssurance Solutions:

Our company is able to provide certification and testing services for your food products via our wide network of Food inspectors and Laboratory testing facilities.

Measuring Moisture in Spices and Condiments
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