LiberoAssurance Celebrates World Quality Day

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World Quality Day is observed every year on the second Thursday in November worldwide. In 2022, World Quality Day will be held on 10th of November. World Quality Day was introduced in 1990 by the United Nations to increase awareness of the contribution that quality makes towards organisational and national growth, and prosperity.

World Quality Day 2022 Theme is: “Quality conscience: Doing the right thing”

The implementation and certification of a quality management system is vital for every type of business which strive to enhance their performance, improve customer focus and ensure continual improvement and business continuity.

Quality must be an integral part of Business strategy.

In today’s world, businesses must not only survive, but also prosper. Quality has to be the first priority in order to achieve this. Managing quality helps a firm avoid risks, build its reputation, and preserve its brand.

Businesses can ensure and enhance quality by implementing ISO 9001 the International management System for Quality. ISO 9001 QMS sets out the requirements for a quality management system applicable to all types of businesses, regardless of size or sector.  Certification against ISO 9001 verifies compliance to the standard’s requirements, demonstrates the company’s commitment to quality and protects the sustainability of the business.

Being part of the quality business within a broad spectrum of industries, with a wide range of accredited services and a robust global network of experts LiberoAssurance is standing beside each business who needs to get certification as per international standards and stays up to date to the industry’s needs and global developments.

Train your people. Grow your business.

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LiberoAssurance Celebrates World Quality Day
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