International Coastal Cleanup Day | September 17, 2022

International Coastal Cleanup Day is the largestworldwide cleanup event of the year it is celebrated annually on the 17th of September; volunteers are acting in more than 191 countries. Get more valuable information about the type of waste on the streets and in the environment and its origin.That insight is indispensable in finding structural solutions.

This Year’s Theme: “From plankton to whales, animals throughout the oceanare finding their homes polluted by plastics. Join for the International Coastal Cleanup to bethe change and #SeatheChange. Every bottle, every straw, and every piece of trashyou clean up can lead to a cleaner, healthier ocean”

Thanks to volunteers around the world, the ICC has become a beacon of hope, leading and inspiring action in support of our ocean

Coastal Cleanup is a collaborative outreach program that brings the world together to clean up our beaches and conserve the environment;

You can join to connect and collect at the 2022 ICC.

You can take action for Trash Free Seas

You can visit Ocean Conservancy’s Action Center to learn how you can use your voice for our ocean every day of the year!

You can learn about ISO Environmental Management System 14001

International Coastal Cleanup Day | September 17, 2022
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