IInternational Coastal Cleanup Day

International Coastal Cleanup Day is the largest worldwide cleanup event of the year it is celebrated every September, volunteers are acting in more than 180 countries. The main goal is to clean up as much litter as possible! And above all, to get more valuable information about the type of waste on the streets and in the environment and its origin. That insight is indispensable in finding structural solutions.

This Year’s Theme: Keep trash in the bin and not in the ocean !

The International Coastal Cleanup In partnership with volunteer organizations and individuals around the globe, engages people to remove trash from the world’s beaches and waterways.

Thanks to volunteers around the world, the ICC has become a beacon of hope, leading and inspiring action in support of our ocean. Since its beginning, over 16 million volunteers have collected more than 340 million pounds of trash.International Coastal Cleanup Day got its start in 1986. For more than 35 years, the ICC has galvanized communities worldwide to collect trash that pollutes our waterways, making our coasts cleaner and our ocean healthier. The first cleanup consisted of 2,800 volunteer who collected marine debris from the world’s waterways.

Since then, the cleanup has grown into an international event in more than 100 countries. International Coastal Cleanup is a collaborative outreach program that brings the world together to clean up our beaches and conserve the environment, it’s time for people to reconnect with a mission to keep our coastal clean. You can join to connect and collect at the 2021 ICC

You can take action for Trash Free Seas:

IInternational Coastal Cleanup Day
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