General Candidate Pre-interview questionnaire





Title of the job applied (as per advertisement)

Educational level (e.g. Bachelor, Master PhD):

Field of education (e.g. Business, IT, Education, Engineering, Law, Shipping etc):

Business sector you have worked previously:

Q1(a)Describe your last job. What did you like least/most about your last job?

Q1(b)What were your responsibilities at your current and previous employments? Did your responsibilities change (take on more)?

Q1(c)Why did you leave (or why are you leaving) your job?

Q2 What motivated you to apply for a position at LiberoGroup?

Q2(a)Have you had the time to browse to our website? If yes, which sectors did you find most interesting?

Q2(b)Can you describe what the scope of work of LiberoGroup is?

Q2(c)What do you think you might be doing in a typical day as an employee?

Q2(d)What are the main aspects you are looking for in a new position?

Q3(a) What are the most important skills you have?

List the following skills

Computer skills (eg CRM, WORD, Coding):

List the following skills

Language skills (mention only languages which you are competent as independent user at writing, listening and speaking):

Q3(b) Based on Q2(b) which skills from the above you think will be beneficial for our company?

Q4 Assuming you received two Graduate offers from two different firms and both roles were identical, what factors are most important to you when deciding which offer to accept? (e.g. salary, people/culture, benefits, travel opportunities, reputation of firm, knowing people at the firm, training opportunities etc.)

Q5 What are your salary expectations based on 8 hours work? (annual gross or annual net)

Q6 Do you have any external responsibilities that may interfere with your work?

Q7 Do you have ISO / Classification / Ship Surveys experience? – please describe

Q8 Please provide contact details of at least one reference and your professional relationship with them

Q9 What questions do you have for the organisation?

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