At LiberoGroup, we are proud to be one of the world’s most sustainable engineering, technical, certification body and training organisation. Our human resources practice focuses on the fair and just treatment of our employees, surveyors, auditors and technical experts, providing everyone with equal opportunities for professional development and career advancement and care about the societies which we operate.

Focus on society

LiberoGroup supports a variety of organizations that help vulnerable social groups. Since the beginning, LiberoGroup has contributed towards the following causes and non-profit, non-governmental organizations.

2020-Onwards St Nicolas church

LiberoGroup is committed to donate to the Church  of St Nicolas, Piraeus in order to assist their cause of feeding the poor and the less privileged.

16/10/2019 – Onwards Pan-Hellenic Association for the Prevention and Support of Juvenile Traffic Accident Victims, atiximata.gr

20/11/2019 – Participation on workshop named ‘’How educators can help students develop their business ideas- Academic Business coach‘’

Since 2015, the MELES project has been carried out under the European program Erasmus+ with the participation of the University of Leipzig. Its aim is to develop methodologies and materials to strengthen the field of entrepreneurship and start up support at European universities. In general, students and scientists but also teachers of universities are the main beneficiaries.

During this workshop which took place at ‘Maria Tsakos’ Public Benefit foundation located in Chios, Greece the following universities have participated: Akademia Morska Szczecin, Universidade de Aveiro, Universitat Leipzig, Bialystok University of Technology, University of the Aegean

Libero-group has participated to the above initiate by providing valuable feedback for the youth entrepreneurs based on our experience gained from engineering, technical, certification and training industry

The association, during its existence, is striving and tries to educate our children the correct traffic behaviour and the use of the Road Traffic Code through a wide spectrum of activities which is based on voluntary contribution of its members.

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