LiberoAssurance Training Updates – December 2022

Explore now our new Maritime & ISO e-courses and training videos. LiberoAssurance CPD Training Centre offers a broad variety of accredited Maritime and ISO e-courses. Through our new courses and ongoing updates our key goal is to offer you a comprehensive training experience up to the latest industry standards. Training content updates – December 2022 […]

International Coastal Cleanup Day | September 17, 2022

International Coastal Cleanup Day is the largestworldwide cleanup event of the year it is celebrated annually on the 17th of September; volunteers are acting in more than 191 countries. Get more valuable information about the type of waste on the streets and in the environment and its origin.That insight is indispensable in finding structural solutions. […]

Backup Day-31 March 2021

Since 2011, World Backup Day 2021 has been observed yearly on March 31st all across the world. This day applies to both corporations and individuals. This date has been chosen as a reminder to safeguard our valuable digital records. We’re taking this annual occasion to avoid putting it off; we’re backing up all of our […]

International Earth Day – 20 March 2021

International Earth Day is celebrated annually on the Vernal Equinox, which falls on March 20th. This day is bringing nearly perfect balance of daytime and nighttime all around the world. International Earth Day was established in 1970, to celebrate the miracle of life on planet and the deep and enduring desire of people around the […]


Accreditation is delivering confidence in everyday life. Selecting the right organization to carry out your certification can be a difficult task. Choosing Liberoservices | LiberoAssurance | Libero Hellenic Register, which has been accredited by International Accreditation Service, Inc. (IAS) a signatory body of the International Accreditation Forum Inc Multilateral agreement (MLA). LiberoAssurance is competent to deliver consistent, reliable and impartial services […]

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