Libero Hellenic Register

LiberoGroup is Visiting Posidonia 2022

LiberoGroup from the 7th to 10th of June will be visiting #Posidonia, the international #shipping exhibition, one of the most prestigious events in the #shippingindustry. Seize the opportunity during #Posidonia2022 to meet and discuss about future plans and upcoming opportunities. For more news follow us Marine Surveys Ports & Port Facilities Marine Studies Ship Registration Accident Investigations […]

Authorisation Announcement – Barbados Maritime Ship Registry – April 2022

Effective on 01/04/2022, we are proud to announce that Libero Hellenic Register (LHR) has been authorized by the Barbados Maritime Ship Registry as Recognized Organization (RO) to undertake statutory certification and services according to IMO instruments on behalf of the Flag Administration. White-listed in Paris MOU, accredited to ISO-9001, the Barbados Ships Registry offers first-class […]

We honour the International Day of the Seafarers

LiberoAssurance celebrates Seafarers day with a 15% Discount on all Marine e-courses With respect to this International Day dedicated to seafarers, LiberoAssurance offers a special discount on all Marine e-courses and certification designed for any seafarer across the world wishing to improve and demonstrate their knowledge and any shipping company aiming to manage its risks […]

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