Backup Day – 31 March 2021

World Backup Day 2021 is celebrated annually on 31 of March since 2011 across the world. This day is set as a reminder to protect our precious digital documents. We are using this annual excuse to stop procrastinating about it; today we backup all our data!

Data are irreplaceable, more valuable than any device.

This day is chosen to be celebrated one day before Aprils fool’s day because they don’t want anybody to be fooled by their own devices.  There are many dangers daily that can cause us to lose data. Backup failure Statistics show that there is about 30 percent of people who have never backed up, and accident causes 29 percent of crashes, and one in ten computers are infected with viruses every month. So, it is very much important to remember that one small accident or a failure will destroy all those important stuff you care about.

A device can get stolen or crash, virus can hold data hostage until a payment is done to remove the restraints or important data accidentally gets deleted.

Use the golden business rule of backup:  3-2-1 principle: keep at least 3 copies of the data, store 2 local copies on different media, keep at least 1 backup copy off-site.

Backup Options External hard drives, USB sticks or purchase some space in the cloud. Cloud back up is the easiest and most economical and effective way of keeping your important data safe. 

Take the pledge to Backup your phone, computer, tablet, and share with the world #WorldBackUpDay.

Backup Day – 31 March 2021
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