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LiberoServices Manual based on Coronavirus (COVID 19) –WHO guidance to promote public health measures on cargo ships and fishing vessels

Seafarers  on  cargo  ships  (vessels  that  transport  goods  and  carry  no  passengers)  and  fishing  vessels  face particular   challenges   to   carrying   out   their   functions and maintaining their health in the time of the  COVID-19  pandemic.  After IMO Circular Letter No.4204/Add.28, our company has developed a dedicated Plan for addressing COVID 19. This  Plan  provides  assistance   for   […]

ISO 14016:2020 the standard that will help companies build trust and confidence into the data reported

The new standard ISO 14016:2020: Environmental management — Guidelines on the assurance of environmental reports is prepared in accordance with recognized standards and protocols for reporting.  Providing guidelines on the assurance of environmental reports, it will help clarify the process from the perspectives of assurance providers, stakeholders and organizations reporting on their environmental performance.  Providing […]

LiberoServices worked as EMSA external Expert

LiberoServices worked as EMSA external Expert for the project “Maritime Safety, Security and Marine Environment Protection in Black and Caspian sea regions (BCSEA project), (CRIS Number EN/2016/039-351) under the Project’s Component 7 “Bilateral Activities” to one of its beneficiary countries, namely to the Republic of Azerbaijan.

LiberoAssurance Certification – Scope Expansion in Shipbuilding

We are proud to announce you that following a successful scope extension, LiberoAssurance accomplished accreditation by IAS for EA Code 20 for technical area of “Shipbuilding” for the provision of Certification Services to shipyards in accordance to: ISO 9001 Quality Management System ISO 14001 Environmental Management System ISO 45001/OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management […]

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