Auditor Examination Series – Food Chain Categories

LiberoAssurance has now published a series of Auditor Examination Programs for Food Safety.

This program will allow you to put your technical knowledge of performing Food Safety Management System audits to the test and certify it.

LiberoAssurance’s experienced auditors and food industry experts partnered to deliver a set of technical questions to future and current auditors in order to test and certify their current knowledge or identify any gaps that need to be filled.

Test your expertise & get certified!

Visit our Eshop to view the Auditor Examination for Food Chain Categories:

  1. A_Farming of Animals
  2. B_Farming of Plants
  3. C_Food Manufacturing
  4. D_Animal Feed Production
  5. E_Catering
  6. F_Distribution
  7. G_Provision of Transport and Storage Services
  8. H_Services
  9. I_Production of food & Material Packaging
  10. J_Equipment Manufacturing
  11. K_Production of (Bio)Chemical

Auditor Examination Series – Food Chain Categories
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