2022 Cyber Monday Deals are here!

Missed out on Black Friday? Cyber Monday Deals are here

LiberoAssurance offers a Special 20% Discount on all e-courses until 30th of November.

LiberoAssurance Training delivered by Experts.

Seize the opportunity to Boost your Skills with accredited eCourses, Certificates and Qualifications, Anytime, Anywhere.

Choose your courses today! 20% discount. Study online. Study at your own pace. Take advantage of our special prices on courses covering a range of Maritime, ISO, GDPR, Cyber Security and Business skills topics.

Our maritime courses, which cover a variety of Maritime Conventions and Codes, were created by specialists in the industry. Learn how to identify marine risks, do an audit of your current operations, and make improvements in accordance with international laws and best practices.

The ISO courses offered by LiberoAssurance were created by experienced auditors with extensive knowledge on the ISO management systems. Acquire now the skills necessary to enhance, maintain, and audit a management system so that it complies with international standards through our ISO courses.

Attend data protection & cyber security courses. Gain the skills and information required to be GDPR compliant and avoid cyber security threats.

Boost staff productivity, develop your ability to manage change in a professional environment, strengthen your public image, and enhance your company’s productivity.

2022 Cyber Monday Deals are here!
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